I do both astrology and tarot readings. If you are unsure whether you would like a tarot or astrology reading, see below for details on both types of readings.

Tarot Readings

To get the most out of our tarot reading, it is best to consider a question you would like to ask the universe before the session. Presumably you have some questions for the universe or are curious as to what it can tell you…. otherwise you would not be thinking about a tarot reading! 🙂

It is not required to come with a question, but specific questions get specific answers. Generic questions tend to get general answers. This is because the tarot cards each represent certain types and forms of energy, and knowledge of the energy itself will be most useful to you if you know what to direct it toward. For example, if we are looking at your future generally, and we pull a card that embodies the energy of Contentment, it will be useful for you to know whether that means contentment in your relationship, your job, your friends, your interactions with family or clients, your physical health, etc. I cannot state strongly enough: Specific questions yield specific answers. However! For those new to tarot, coming up with a question or formulating it in forms that the tarot can answer can be difficult! So here are some basic guidelines, and I am happy to help you during the first few minutes of our reading as well. 🙂

  • Tarot readings are best for times when you have a specific question or burning set of questions for the universe.
  • Questions for the tarot are best for the future or near future rather than for big swaths of time (again, specific questions get specific answers, and it’s difficult to get a specific answer if you are asking for a wide swath of time. For example, if you ask what your relationship status will be like, that may vary greatly over the course of your life!)
  • Tarot cards are not great at Yes/No types of questions, because they speak to us via images, and there is no Tarot card for “Yes” or for “No”.
  • Since the Tarot cards are visual, questions work best for the tarot when they center around what something will “look like”.

Example Questions for the Tarot

  • What will it look like if I get this job?
  • What will my relationship be like in the next six months?
  • I am thinking about moving to a new city. If I do, what will that look like?

Astrology Readings

With astrology readings, rather than receiving information from the meanings of the tarot cards that are pulled, we are receiving information from the current position and relationship of the planets, the Sun, and the Moon. Astrology readings are almost like weather reports in that they are helpful at looking out towards the future and helping us anticipate what we need to be prepared for. If the weather for this week calls for rain, we will take an umbrella with us when we leave the house; likewise, if the astrological weather calls for tensions that are running high and angry emotions, we will approach discussions and arguments with more caution!

You can certainly come to an astrology reading with specific questions (i.e. what will my job situation look like over the next few months?), but you don’t have to. If you don’t come with any questions, I will look at your natal chart (which shows all of the planets in the positions they were in at your birth) and use timing techniques based on the current positions of the planets in relation to your natal planets to give you a sense of where to expect change in your life, and how that change may manifest.

For astrology readings, I will need to cast a chart for your date of birth, so I will need the following:

  • The city/country where you were born
  • Your date of birth (month, day, and year)
  • Your time of birth (i.e. 2:12pm). If you do not know your birth time, try to get a copy of your birth certificate or ask a close family member if they remember when you were born. Birth certificate data is always best! Everything is chaotic when a baby is being born, so family members may not remember correctly when your actual birth time was.

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