My Journey

We are all on a journey: this undefinable journey that we call life. My journey has taken me through a variety of more purely logical, analytical pursuits before bringing me to a study of the esoteric arts. As a person with a science and mathematics-oriented background, I see the way astrology and tarot “work” as an extension of the idea of a universal field theory…. cosmic interplays on energetic levels that we cannot fully understand. However, this is only my current working theory; I mostly accept astrology and tarot because they have helped me significantly in my life and I rarely argue with success. 🙂 Similarly to the way most of us use home appliances like washers, dryers, air conditioners, without really understanding why they work, I do the same with astrology and tarot. 🙂

Similarly to the way my cats don’t have the capacity to understand huge parts of the physical world (i.e. jobs, education, insurance, philosophy), I feel as though we all may be the metaphorical “cats” in the universe. There is so much more to the cosmos than I feel like our brains can comprehend. I love anything that helps me plug into that more universal energy field with all of its endless wisdom and understanding, and I look for opportunities to share that with others as well!

From a very practical perspective, when doing tarot readings, I tend towards using the Rider Waite Smith deck. On occasion I will use other decks (some of my favorites are the Thoth and Shadowscape), but I do feel in my element with the RWS deck, since that is the deck I have worked with the most.

My astrology knowledge and practice uses the Tropical zodiac and slants toward traditional/Hellenistic astrology, but I do incorporate some more modern techniques, and I do use the outer planets and use the north/south moon nodes more than Hellenistic astrologers would do. I have been heavily influenced by Steven Forrest and Chris Brennan. I am also intrigued by the way our natal planetary placements can indicate health or struggles with health, and that influence has come from Judith Hill.