Q: What type of astrology do you do?

A: I practice a blend of traditional/Hellenistic techniques and modern astrology. I use all of the outer planets, and do tend to use the north/south moon nodes in the Evoluntionary Astrology way of looking at where we are coming from/where we are going to. In most readings for new clients, I focus on natal placements and use transits and profections to talk about current areas of focus for the client. If a client is interested in zodiacal releasing, I am comfortable reading using that technique as well, but I don’t place as much emphasis on it as some traditional astrologers do, mostly because I haven’t seen it work as reliably as transits and profections. Please email me with more detailed questions on my approach!

Q: Can I ask you to focus on particular life areas (i.e. career, love life)?

A: Absolutely! Please email me any focus areas beforehand so that I can include them in the pre-work I do to prepare the reading.


Q: What deck do you use? Can I choose the deck used for my reading?

A: I typically use the Rider Waite Smith deck, but I occasionally use the Thoth deck as well. Although I have other decks, I rarely use any besides these two for professional readings. I have done most of my work with these decks, and I believe you will get the best results from our session if I am using decks I am the most familiar with.

Q: What tarot spread(s) do you use?

A: It depends on the duration of the session, and sometimes on the type of question being asked. For 15 min sessions, I always do a past/present/future spread related to the question being asked. For longer sessions, I will tailor the spread to the question being asked. For example if there is a choice between two jobs, I may do a spread between what things look like for each of the jobs in the present and in the longer-term. If you have a preferred spread, please mention it in the email you send me so I can ensure that is one I have familiarity with!